South African Timeshare

South Africa is blessed with an abundance of Timeshare Holiday Destinations. There is Timeshare for every occasion.!!  “Busy City beaches” with all the hype and entertainment one could wish – bikini girls and hunky surfers, but, wait a minute, there’s Grandad as well ! From Flea Markets to Jet Skiing, you can have it all.   Timeshare resorts abound on the sea front along the Coastline.

“Gone Fishing” -Tranquil rivers and dams, stocked with fish, for the man who wishes to “Get away from it all”, and sit under a weeping willow tree or wade the bubbling river to catch the “Big Un” !!   The little woman can relax in the luxurious timeshare chalet or lay by the pool.  Not to mention, the company on the bowling green. JUST DON’T BRING HOME THE FISH FOR HER TO CLEAN AND SCALE !

“Desert timeshare resorts” with hot spring spas, and luxury massage/beauty parlours to recharge the battery and lose some of the stress lines.

Then there are the “Las Vegas” type timeshare resorts with excellent floor shows, million dollar golf courses, casinos. You name it, they have it.!   It is not unusual to see the rich and famous in these resorts, and that includes YOU !

The magnificent “Mountain” timeshare resorts with beautiful thatched chalets and views to delight.   The hills are alive with the sound of the Drakensberg Boys Choir, and a concert at the school will be remembered forever.

Last, but not least, South Africa’s own “Game Park” Timeshare Resorts, for the wildlife and nature lovers.   Conveniently close to the major parks, with some timeshare resorts even situated within the parks.   Picture this –  “sitting on your patio with a glass in your hand, and watching 2 Hippos fight for territory in the river below” That was the scene that my New Zealand visitors enjoyed at Ngwenya Lodge timeshare last year.

The time of the Year to Timeshare holiday.

Each year is divided into 4 types of Seasons:

Peak: high season (school holidays)

Red: high season but off Peak.

White: mid season

Blue: low season.

Obviously, the majority of people would want to holiday in the high season, such as summer or the school holidays. However, if you are able to holiday entirely out of season, purchase costs will be considerably reduced.

The size of the unit.

The various options are:

0/2 ST 2 sleeper studio or hotel apartment.

1 B2/4 1 bedroom, sleeps 2 privately and 4 in total. (2/sleeper couch)

2 B4/6 2 bedroom, sleeps 4 privately and 6 in total. (2/sleeper couch)

3 B6/8 3 bedroom, sleeps 6 privately and 8 in total. (2/sleeper couch)

Timeshare Holiday accommodation is designed in units that sleep from 2 people upwards. The smallest unit is a studio apartment which has a bed sitting room that sleeps a maximum of 2, but the average unit is either 2 or 3 bedroom.

There are 3 categories of Timeshare Resort Accommodation:

Gold Crown: similar to 4 or 5 star International rating.

Silver Crown: similar to 3 or 4 star.

Standard: comfortable family resorts, up to 3 star.


With the costs of holiday accommodation continually escalating at an alarming rate, fewer families can afford the luxury of holidays on a regular basis. But, with Rodjun Timeshare Consultants, who trade only in qualified, quality resale timeshare, you will pay a fraction of the cost of conventional accommodation. Not only will you be enjoying luxurious holidays for life, but with a built in protection against the ravages of inflation.

For those not familiar with timeshare, here are some of the benefits involved:

  • Timeshare Holiday without the dramatic escalating accommodation costs.
  • Through the use of the holiday exchange system provided by Timeshare exchange companies, you may holiday worldwide at any time of the year.
  • Timeshare choices are endless, from skiing to safari resorts, from beautiful beaches to the serenity of a mountain range.
  • Generally, timeshare offers self-catering family holidays units, designed for all lifestyles.
  • Your timeshare can be an asset that can be inherited by your heirs.
  • You will have the choice of size, location and grade of timeshare property in which to invest.
  • Should you wish to sell your timeshare, you may do so, or, as has been stated, leave it for distribution on your death.
  • There is no obligation to use the timeshare unit purchased, in fact, most owners take advantage of the rental pool service offered by some resorts, or spacebank their timeshare week with a timeshare exchange company for other exciting holiday options.
  • It is common practice to either let friends or family  enjoy your week as a gift, or it can be rented out either privately.