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Throughout the timeshare industry, it is accepted that when holidaying, variety adds to the fun and enjoyment. This variety is made possible through services provided by RCI, who have some 3,900 resorts worldwide from which to choose.

It is RCI that sets all gradings used in the timeshare industry, whether it be through a points system or a week owned directly in a resort. Later in this section we show more details, but if it is merely to make application for membership then please use the attached application form.

    Membership fees:
    R 670.00 -- current year only.
    R988.00 -- current year + 1 year.
    R1,308.00 -- current year + 2 years.
    R2,262.00 -- current year + 5 years.

Registration is a once off payment.
R258.00 per week.

    Exchange Fees:
    Between R 300.00 - R 600.00 - Locally
    +- R 1750.00 - Internationally

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Spacebanking procedures

"Spacebanking" is the term given to the deposit of a timeshare week into the RCI exchange system and equates to a certain value in trading power. Exchange your Spacebanking works on a system of fair exchange, therefore if you own a Peak week in a Gold Crown resort, all options are open to you. However, if you own in a low season, in a Standard resort, you will only be able to exchange in low season time, at a resort that does not have Gold Crown status.
    a)Early spacebanking
    180 days ahead of occupation date, you will receive 10% more trading power. This also ensures a better chance of getting the holiday of your choice, and to attain priority exchanges..

    b)Normal spacebanking
    179 to 60 days ahead of occupation date, gives normal trading power.

    c)Late spacebanking
    59 to 21 days ahead of occupation date, you will lose some trading power.

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More information

For those folk looking for more information generally, please click on the RCI button.
The RCI website is www.rci.co.za

Application form

Congratulations on deciding to become an RCI member and choosing to celebrate life with us! Simply download, complete and fax the form below!

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