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Magaliespark: A South African Timeshare Resort in NORTH WEST PROVINCE South African TimeshareTimeshare South Africa


Magaliespark In beautiful grounds, incorporating an 18-hole golf course on the Magalies River at Hartbeespoort Dam, this resort offers large, fully-equipped chalets as well as small adjoining apartments, a short stroll from facilities that include a rollerblade park, bird viewing area and plenty more. Round off a fishing or boating excursion with a meal in one of the resort's restaurants.

Timeshare Stock for Magaliespark, NORTH WEST PROVINCE

Flexi 0 1B2/4 R18,750.00 MCC-17/K
Flexi 0 1B2/4 R4,000.00 14/05/14
Flexi 0 2B2/4 R22,500.00 MCC-16/B
Flexi 0 2.5B/6 R5,500.00 23/06/14
Flexi 0 2.5B/6 R4,500.00 13/02/14
Flexi 0 3B4/6 R7,900.00 08/05/14
Flexi 0 3B6/8 R18,750.00 MCC-22/S
Flexi 0 3B6/8 R9,500.00 MCC-19/rj/co/W
FlexiB 0 3B6/8 R25,000.00 MCC-21/B
Flexi 0 3B6/8 R6,000.00 23/06/14
Red 41 3B6/8 R11,000.00 27/02/14
Red 21 2B4/6 R15,000.00 MCC-15/T
Peak3 13 1B2/4 R10,000.00 27/02/14
Peak10 51 1B2/4 R20,000.00 30/01/14
Peak3 25 1B2/4 R18,750.00 MCC-20/B
Peak12 01 1B2/4 R14,000.00 09/04/14
Peak2 14 2B4/6 R16,500.00 03/06/14
Peak3 26 2B4/6 R12,000.00 27/03/14
Peak3 27 2B4/6 R9,000.00 14/05/14
PeakP5 27 2B4/6 R31,250.00 MCC-18/M
Peak8 49 2B4/6 R11,000.00 30/01/14
Peak1 13 2B4/6 R16,000.00 22/05/14
Peak12 01 2.5B/6 R15,000.00 13/03/14
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