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Fairways: A South African Timeshare Resort in Southern Drakensberg South African TimeshareTimeshare South Africa


Fairways The Fairways, with its spectacular views of the golf course, available in 4, 6 & 8 sleeper units, now also boasts a wheelchair friendly unit. Each unit, done in upmarket decor, has a fully equipped kitchen with washing machine, tumble drier, telephone, DSTV and individual braai facilities - all the luxuries of home plus more! Vacation holidaying in the well-equipped viewsite units of this luxury resort on the vast Drakensberg Gardens property can look forward to sharing in the long list of recreational facilities offered by the hotel- everything from a mini-zoo for the kids to a scenic challenge for the golfers. Bowling, hiking trails, trout fishing and kids' playground are just some of the other diversions on offer.

Timeshare Stock for Fairways, Southern Drakensberg

RedMid-week Flexi 2B4/6 R14,300.00 FWS-S9/co/L
RedMid-week Flexi 2B4/6 R21,250.00 FWS-40/co/T
RedMid-week Flexi 2B4/6 R6,000.00 FWS-43/co/A
Red Flexi 2B4/6 R19,250.00 FWS-GLC-A/co/DW
Red Flexi 2B4/6 R19.250.00 FWS-GLC-B/co/DW
Red Flexi 2B4/6 R44,250.00 FWS-GLC/co/W
Red Flexi 2B4/6 R18,000.00 FWS-23A/EMV
Red Flexi 2B4/6 R18,000.00 FWS-23B/EMV
Red Flexi 2B4/6 R18,750.00 FWS-16/B
Red Flexi 2B4/6 R18,750.00 FWS-28/T
Red Flexi16 2B4/6 R25,000.00 FWS-31/J
Red Flexi 2B4/6 R28,750.00 FWS-21/TBFT
Red Flexi 2B4/6 R12,500.00 FWS-20/H
Red FlexiF20 2B4/6 R25,000.00 FWS-42/co/D
RedBi-ennial Flexi Loft+2B4/6 R25,000.00 FWS-40/co/K
RedBi-ennial Flexi 2B4/6 R40,700.00 FWS-38A/co/M&S
RedBi-ennial Flexi 2B4/6 R40,700.00 FWS-38B/co/M&S
Red Flexi 2B4/6 R38,000.00 FWS-18/Y
Red/co-own Flexi5wks 2B6/8 R323,000.00 FWS-39/co/R
Red/co-own Flexi5wks 2B6/8 R295,000.00 FWS-46/co/F
Red/co-own Flexi5wks 2B4/6 R159,000.00 FWS-47/co/R
Red FlexiF25 2B6/8 R25,000.00 FWS-29/A
Redweekend FlexiF23 2B4/6 R50,000.00 FWS-44/co/VS
Red Flexi 3B6/8 R23,750.00 FWS-19/McC
RedBi-ennial FlexiF5 3B4/6 R10,000.00 FWS-S35/co/N
RedBi-ennial Flexi 2B4/6 R22,500.00 FWS-24/M
RedBi-ennial Flexi 2B4/6 R9,500.00 FWS-13A/P
RedBi-ennial Flexi 2B4/6 R9,500.00 FWS-13B/P
RedB1 2 2B4/6 R55,000.00 FWS-17/M
RedA2 Semi Season 2B4/6 R28,500.00 FWS-29/co/BFT
RedA3 Semi Season 2B4/6 R46,700.00 FWS-45/co/B
RedA3 Semi Season 2B4/4 R24,000.00 FWS-16/H
RedA5 Semi Season 2B4/6 R12,500.00 FWS-48/co/A
RedA7 29 2B4/6 R16,900.00 03/06/14
PeakTVG SP16 2B4/6 R75,000.00 FWS-30/P
PeakA1 Semi Season 2B4/6 R25,500.00 FWS-22/H
PeakBi-Annual 27 2B4/6 R64,300.00 FWS-27/co/M
PeakB3 21-28/06/13 2B4/6 R65,000.00 FWS-26/C
PeakB7 6-13/12/13 2B4/6 R75,500.00 FWS-48/W
PeakB7Bi-An 06-13/12/13 2B/4 R25,000.00 FWS-36/W
PeakC4 20-27/12/13 2B/4 R179,995.00 03/06/14
PeakC4 19/12-26//24 2B6/6 R182,000.00 03/06/14
PeakC5 27/12-03/1/14 2B6/6 R190,000.00 FWS-37C/co/W
PeakC5 27/12-03/1/14 1B4/4 R120,000.00 FWS-37D/co/W
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